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Awww!! I didn´t put any colour because I didn´t want to fail with the tone and that stuff!!! ;; I hope you like it!! (here is now 0:52 pm so I´m sleepy but no problem good nighttt!! ( ;  w ;)/

That. Okay, that. That is just perfect.

Omg, Kill la Kill pixels, they are so fucking difficuuuuuuuult. NEVER DO THAT. never. N-E-V-E-R

Kill la Kill - World Is Mine! Nonon ver. (with Inumuta) Of course; from the original video World Is Mine! or Miku Hatsune - World Is Mine!

Don´tkillmeIonlyputitinNononversion is not my original art

I made some pixels for Kazukoi and Ishikuro tag!! 

image image

I like enter in each blog which reblog my art and read the things the people put in the tag… People are adorable sometimes and it makes me happy

shima-chan asked:
your aku no hana pixels looks so cute and awesome! This fandom is small, but I'm glad it has some great artists <3 (I also loved oyasumi punpun pixels)

WAAAA YOU´RE SO KIND AND CUUUTE!! (I´m glad that you have my queen in your avatar it makes me so happy!) Thanks for the compliment!!! BUbububu people are so cute!

Anónimo asked:


I forgot to did that but if you want I can make some couple pixels!! (like Kasuga x Nakamura or Kasuga x Saeki or even Kasuga x Baudelaire idk)

(I think who are you, in any case if in your blog there was the song On our way it was awesome)

Aku no Hana´s pixels

Well, this is not a very loong post so

image image


image image

image image

They are totally transparents, don´t put them in a black background (I tried it and the flower, for example, is only an eye!)

  • Feel free to use them.
  • Don´t repost them, please.

If you want some other pixels of Aku no Hana, go here for more information about it! (Only request not comission!!)

Don´t put Oyasumi Punpun pixels or other black pixel of mine in a black background.

Anónimo asked:
If you plan on making any more Oyasumi Punpun pixels, would you consider making some of characters like Harumi, Yaguchi, the Kanie sisters, Mimura, and Komatsu? In any case your pixels are great and I am so happy that you took the time to create and share them with us! Thank you so much!

I could make them!! But it´ll take me a time because I want to finish Aku no Hana pixel project before!! in any case I´ll update it like the pack 3 of Oyasumi Punpun pixels!

Normally I do two version of second characters so you can have variety for them!

Anónimo asked:
i loooove your oyasumi punpun pixels! any chance you could make some that are banners that have "oyasumi" animated in japanese or "welcome" or something like that? like maybe just the letters colors changing or something? this is probably a really selfish request and probably impertinent to ask for so much so im really sorry if it is :< i dont have the slightest clue how to make pixels haha. thank you and sorry again if this is rude i dont mean to be

You weren´t rude anon!! (Sorry for the last reply) The last time I read this request I thought you wanted a pixel with Oyasumi or Welcome (animated) and OMG I was practicing  on animated pixels for you!! And well.. I was confused after all but sorry anon, I don´t know how to make banners ;; 


Good morning. I was drawing and… this.. just this.. is only a sketch and my friend wants to see it

In a few days I could post Aku no Hana pixels AND MY FIRST ANIMATED PIXEL!! I´m happy!!

Anónimo asked:
sachi nanjou pixels from oyasumi punpun would be cool if you could (preferably with her hair down and such) *w* just a suggestion though. she's my favorite!

Done the request!! 

Oyasumi Punpun´s pixels (Pack 2)

Well I finished this.

imageimageimageimageimageimage (All Punpun´s family)

imageimage image image

image image image image  image

image (If anyone want this cute pixel of Aiko)

That´s all, I think is everything ok. Feel free to use them and please, don´t repost them, If you want other pixels from Oyasumi Punpun feel free to ask me too.1

And, if you want to see the first Pack go here <— !!!